Unique expertise

With over 55 years of experience in many industry domains, we understand what our customers need and the conditions where their employees work. We advise them and provide solutions to make their workplaces safer.

Professional protective clothing

Whether you’re looking for comfortable body wear or cutting-edge high-vis, multi-norm jackets, we offer every possible type of professional protective clothing.

Technical expertise

Every Sioen employee has thorough technical expertise and understands what our customers need. This customer insight allows us to come up with effective solutions for your problems. In the case of very specific situations, we can create and adapt customised clothing.

Multilayering & multi-norm

It is important that you have clothes that are adaptable to constantly changing weather conditions. With our multi-layering concept you can keep yourself dry and warm. You are also protected against all of the elements including: wind, rain, hail and snow. Some of the garment that we offer include: body wear (underwear), long sleeve T-shirts, waistcoats and polos, to thermal wear such as body warmers and soft shells as well as regular workwear for the outer layer. Every layer can be combined with another.

For optimal protection in hazardous working conditions, we developed our multi-norm collection. All of these clothes comply with the latest standards and protect against flames, welding sparks, arc flashovers, static, chemical splashes, etc.

By combining the multilayering and multi-norm concepts, we have developed a clothing range that protects you all the time. From harsh weather to hazardous working environments, we have a solution for every condition.

This cumulative know-how offers customers numerous advantages:

  • Guarantee that our products are all made of fabrics of the highest quality
  • Faster reaction to needs or demands of customers
  • Sharing know-how leads to more innovation and better products
  • Perfect traceability
  • Independency of external suppliers. We can produce the clothes you need, at any given time.

R&D and Innovation

Sioen has a concerted focus on knowledge, innovation and creativity: on new materials, new production processes, new services, new niches, new markets and new requirements. Specialists are working every day on your best protection in all our plants. Sioen’s R&D centres and labs are fully equipped with the latest testing equipment. Testing for tear and breaking strength, flame retardancy, thermal radiation, chemical resistance, bullet and knife impact, water column, colour fastness, ageing and so on are all performed in-house.

Sioen can stand comparison with the world’s top research institutes in this area.