Multi-layering concept

A layered outfit: that is the perfect dress code to start your workday well protected and prepared for any kind of weather. Every layer has its own specific function and together they interact and complement each other to offer you the best possible and optimal comfort at work, at all times.

1st: Bodywear – keeps you dry

The most important job of the base layer is to absorb perspiration and transport it away from your skin. The different yarns and fibres used in these products are specifically designed for this job. Some of them even have anti-microbial properties. This layer creates a micro-climate close to the skin keeping you dry and comfortable in different work conditions. As this layer is in direct contact with your skin, it has to be kind and gentle. Not causing any unpleasant irritation. By choosing a multi-norm base layer you’re extra protected in case the hazard penetrates the outer layers.

2nd: Thermal layer – keeps you warm

The second or in-between layer must have good thermal insulation properties. In addition to this good breathability characteristics are important to transport perspiration further away towards the outer layer. Fleece or softshell fabrics are frequently used to this purpose, as they are pleasant and comfortable to wear. They have good insulating characteristics to keep you warm and comfortable in different weather conditions. A lot of these garments can also be worn separately. An thermal layer which also conforms to multi-norm standards adds to your overall protection in hazardous work conditions.

3rd: Workwear – keeps you safe

This multi-norm workwear layer is designed to combine optimal multi-norm protection and wearer comfort at the same time. All garments correspond to the latest standards with regards to safety risks in day-to-day work environments: protection against flames, welding sparks, arc protection, anti-static, chemical splash protection etc. Various fabric qualities have been developed for the harshest work environments and different applications. The new range combines the highest levels of safety protection with excellent wear comfort and superb washing properties in an optimal mix.

4th: Rainwear – keeps you protected

The outer shell is the garment layer that shields you from external factors and can be exposed to severe conditions. It will protect you from harsh weather conditions like wind, rain, hail or snow. In addition this protective layer also conforms to different multi-norm standards and shields the wearer from e.g. accidental flames and electric arc flashes, chemicals etc.