Strikingly good protection. Improved visibility reduces accident rates considerably. Our hi-vis products will make you jump out of any environment, day and night.

Hi-vis clothes are characterized by their fluorescent colour in combination with reflective stripings. The fluorescent colour such as hi-vis orange, hi-vis yellow and hi-vis red, catches the eye and is easily discernible during the day regardless of the lighting conditions. The reflective stripings improve visibility even further especially in the dark as they catch the light from external light sources (e.g. headlights) and reflect it. We only use the best fluorescent and reflective materials for our vast range of high visibility clothes to ensure their durability.

You’ll find in our hi-vis range a wide array of products from T-shirts, fleeces and softshells to rain jackets so as to make sure you can dress in hi-vis from inside out. In this way, you can confidently adapt your clothes to the weather conditions because you’ll be wearing hi-vis in every layer of your outfit.

Our high-visibility garments are in accordance with the new EN ISO 20471.