What makes Sioen workwear stand out?

This multi-norm workwear layer is designed to combine optimal multi-norm protection and wearer comfort at the same time. All garments correspond to the latest standards with regards to safety risks in day-to-day work environments: protection against flames, welding sparks, arc protection, anti-static, chemical splash protection etc.

Various fabric qualities, such as SIO-SAFE and SIO-FLAME, have been developed for the harshest work environments and different applications.

The new range combines the highest levels of safety protection with excellent wear comfort and superb washing properties in an optimal mix.


With this workwear range Sioen offers a complete “one-stop shop” in multi-norm garments:

  • This will give the end users and Health and Safety officers the confidence that they can dress their workers from the skin outwards in safe, certified, high quality Sioen garments.
  • Combining multi-norm garments from one manufacturer, increases both safety and efficiency, with optimized protection levels (ATPV-values).
  • There is conformity in design in our multi-norm ranges (workwear and protective clothing).
  • One-stop-shopping: focussing on one manufacturer will lead to cost savings in ordering and supply chain, for both endusers and distributors.

Sioen is known as a trustworthy partner with an excellent reputation. Our goal is to provide appropriate, reliable, durable and comfortable protective workwear.