What is Sio-Safe™?

Flames and heat, metal splashes, chemicals, risk of explosion… some people have to face these hazards every day in their working place. That’s why they deserve the best possible protection. Sio-Safe™ is a family of different fabrics that were specifically developed to offer protection in multi-risk situations. These high level fabrics are not only in accordance with the most recent and stringent standards, they also perform very well in terms of durability and washing resistance. In short: Sio-Safe™ fabrics are very cost effective on top of providing an excellent protection. Discover the characteristics of all our Sio-Safe™ qualities below and find the fabric that suits your purpose/industry the best by comparing them in the tables at the bottom of the page.

Our Sio-Safe™ qualities

Sio-Safe™ Essential

Sio-Safe™ Essential is a flame retardant treated cotton-polyester fabric.

Thanks to the high amount of cotton and a special comfort finish, the fabric feels very soft and supple on the skin. Sio-Safe™ Essential is a breathable fabric with good moisture management properties. It is also non-allergic and harmless to the skin. The polyester fibers in their turn provide the fabric with a very good durability. Both on abrasion resistance and tensile strength it performs very well. You can wash your Sio-Safe™ Essential clothes without concern at home, but they are also resistant to industrial laundering. The added polyester ensures a better resistance to shrinkage and a better colourfastness in comparison with a pure cotton FR fabric.

If the washing instructions are respected, the flame retardant properties of this fabric remain intact after 50 industrial washes at 75°C. In addition to its excellent FR properties, Sio-Safe™ Essential offers an outstanding molten metal splash protection making these garments perfectly suited for welding activities. Also available in hi-vis colours. (According to EN ISO 20471)

Composition: 79% FR cotton + 20% PES +1% AST; satin 4.1
Weight: 350g/m²

Sio-Safe™ Essential ECO

Innovative ecological FR fabric, 50 % green fibres, no compromise on safety

Sio-Safe™ Essential Eco is a high quality flame retardant treated fabric with the smallest environmental footprint possible and conforms to the highest standards for multi-norm protection.
Eco-friendly Tencel™ Lyocell produced from responsibly-sourced wood and Repreve© 100 % recycled polyester fibres replace the regular cotton and polyester fibres, resulting in a FR-treated fabric containing almost 50 % green fibres.

A greener composition without compromising on comfort and protection. Is it even possible? Sio-Safe™ Essential Eco performs exceptionally on FR protection in an industrial setting. The fabric is soft on the skin and is very durable withstanding frequent industrial washing. The fabric even provides improved breathability and moisture management properties thanks to
the use of Tencel™ Lyocell.

Composition: 50% FR cotton + 30% TencelTM Lyocell + 19% Repreve© recycled polyester + 1% AST
Weight: 320g/m²

Sio-Safe™ Extra

Sio-Safe™ extra is a fabric with inherently flame retardant properties which won’t wash or wear out. Sio-Safe™ Extra is soft and supple and offers excellent protection against severe body burns caused by the exposure to an electric arc or other industrial heat and flame hazards.

Sio-Safe™ Extra offers excellent protection, durability and comfort. On top of its remarkable protective qualities Sio-Safe™ Extra is breathable and soft for the skin and offers significantly better moisture regulating properties in comparison with synthetic aramid fibres. This thanks to the special viscose fibres in the blend.

Garments in Sio-Safe™ Extra retain their strength, colour and are dimensionally stable even after extensive industrial laundering. The flame retardant properties of the fabric have been tested after 100 industrial washes at 75°C. Its pilling resistance is also far better than that of many other protective fabrics.

Overall, Sio-Safe™ Extra is a cost effective fabric offering top-level protection and comfort. Also available in high-vis colours. Excellent value: Sio-Safe™ Extra can be used for protective clothing worn in chemical, energy, construction and utility companies.

Composition PFD (Hi-vis orange): 31% Polyester + 28% Modacryl + 20% Aramid + 20% Viscose FR + 1% AST
Weight PFD: 320g/m²

Sio-Safe™ Extra ECO

Environmentally-friendly inherent flame retardant fabric

For Sio-Safe™ Extra Eco we use the renewable Tencel™ Lyocell fibres. They are 100% bio-cellulose from sustainably sourced wood, significantly reducing the fabric’s water consumption.

Even though Sio-Safe™ Extra’s composition has changed, the fabric’s softness and suppleness remains, together with its excellent protection against severe body burns caused by the exposure to an electric arc or other industrial heat and flame hazards. Thanks to choosing Tencel™ Lyocell fibres, Sio-safe™ Extra Eco even provides better moisture management, improving your comfort.

Composition PF9: 54% FR modacrylic – 45% Tencel™ Lyocell – 1% AST; twill 2.1
Weight PF9: 300g/m²

Sio-Safe™ Ultra

For a fabric with such high protection levels, Sio-Safe™ Ultra is remarkably lightweight. The aramid fibres in this fabric already meet the highest flame retardant standards at a low weight and offer a good chemical resistance. Its heat and flame resistant properties are inherent and won’t wash or wear out.

Sio-Safe™ Ultra presents an excellent price-quality performance thanks to its extreme durability. Several durability tests have confirmed that the fabric is very strong, tear resistant and hard wearing with a high colour fastness. Garments produced in Sio-Safe™ Ultra are soft and comfortable to wear and have a long wear life because of the highly durable characteristics of the fabric. Its washing resistance was also thoroughly tested. Sio-Safe™ Ultra garments are suited both for domestic and industrial laundering (tested after 100 industrial washes at 75°C). A perfect fit for the chemical and petrochemical industry.

Composition: 93% meta-aramide + 5% para-aramide + 2% AST; twill 3.1
Weight: 260 g/m²

Sio-Safe™ Aqua

Sio-Safe™ Aqua is part of the larger Sio-Safe™ family of different fabrics that were specifically developed to offer protection in multi-risk arc situations. Sio-Safe™ aqua is a top-notch protection fabric. It offers protection against Arc flashover, heat, flames and welding sparks and is also permanently antistatic.

What’s more: sio-safe aqua will also shelter you from the harshest weather conditions. It is a laminated fabric that is perfectly wind- and waterproof. Comfortable and very breathable, this fabric is also very pleasant to work in. It received a durable water and dirt/oil repellent finish, offering the wearer protection against splashes of chemical products and also it doesn’t get soaked and stays clean longer.

Weight: available in different weights and compositions