Extremely cool environments

Are you working in a cold environment? Then you are certainly aware of the possible discomforts. It’s extremely important not to be cold while working. Of course, you need your freedom of movement. Comfortable clothing that you can take off when it gets too hot. For cold storage environments, obviously, you need different layers of dedicated Personal Protective equipment fit for the job.

Best-in-class protective products with cool environment protection

Hazards when you are exposed to the cold (< -5°C)

People who are working outside in frigid temperatures or people who are working in cold storage environments have to wear appropriate protective garments. The PPE provides protection against cold stress, frostbite and hypothermia, among others. Obviously, the lower the temperature and the longer the exposure, the greater the chance that you will suffer from any of the dangers

Common symptoms of cold stress are shivering, increased pulse rate, accelerated breathing, high blood pressure, etc. This can be followed by reduced functioning of the brain, nervous system, kidney and liver.

Your PPE protects you against extreme cold

When choosing your PPE for cold environments, it’s important to keep in mind that layering is the way to go.

By using multiple layers instead of a single layer, you create air pockets between the layers, which provide the much needed thermal insulation. But which layers do you need? The layer the closest to your body is very important and should be a wicking material such as polyester that keeps the moisture off your body. You can add another insulating layer, if required. The final layer should have insulating properties such as thermal fleece. Don’t forget to include head, hand and foot protection too.

Other things to look out for are: zippers instead of buttons, because they are better insulators, adjustable cuffs, zip-in garments such as the products with our Interchangeable Lining System, elasticized waistbands, etc.

According to the European Standard EN 342

Our work clothing that protects you against the cold complies with the EN 342 standard. This is a standard for suitable PPE that can be used in environments where the temperatures are below -5°C combined with wet weather conditions and wind.