Protective clothing for women

In many industries like construction, energy, (petro)chemical and the steel industry you will find more men than women at work. Just because there are fewer women in these industries, that doesn’t mean that they can’t have appropriate workwear. More and more employers understand that women’s workwear comprises more than a smaller size of men’s workwear. Sioen therefore decided to focus on the needs of women in the industry: protective workwear that is fitted to their shape.

Women play a very important role at Sioen. Sioen Apparel was founded by Madame Sioen and her daughter Michelle is the current CEO of Sioen Industries. Many of our employees, in all departments, are women. The garments for women are also designed by women for women. At Sioen we know that women are capable of many things, so to celebrate International Women’s Day some of our colleagues step out of their comfort zone and serve as a model to show you our women’s clothing range.

Multi-norm base layer

At Sioen we truly believe in a multi-layer clothing concept where every layer has its own function. These layers complement each other and offer the wearer the best possible protection. Recently we added a base layer to the female clothing range: the Tormi and the Keibu, flame retardant and anti-static underwear. These long johns and T-shirt with long sleeves are very comfortable and nicely fitted to the female shape. The mixture of inherently flame retardant fibres with sustainable viscose fibres provide protection and comfort as moisture is quickly transported away from the skin guaranteeing a dry feeling. This base layer is made from supple fibres so it feels like a second skin and everyone knows that when you feel good in your clothing you can perform even better!

Our ladies range contains also two sets of multinorm workwear. These jackets and trousers offer a high degree of protection and are also fitted to the female shape. What’s important for protective clothing is that the wearer feels comfortable. Because when protective clothing does not fit properly or gets in the way with work, then it will either not be worn correctly or not worn at all. A good fit combined with protection is the basic idea of our women’s collection that furthermore exists of rain jackets and softshells.

For more info about the clothing in the video, have a look on our website or download the flyer. In the meantime we keep on expanding our clothing range for women.

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