Flexothane®, the full story

Saying that in construction and agriculture everybody knows Flexothane® might seem bold but certainly isn’t overrated. For many years, the Flexothane® garments of Sioen have been the protection of choice by farmers, veterinarians, brick layers, roofers and many other craftsmen exposed to the elements.

Flexothane®: often copied, never equalled

Flexothane® is a primary brand, offering superior quality compared to competitors for good reasons:

  • Flexothane® is a technical fabric that offers you excellent protection. The polyurethane coating on a stretchable knitted base makes Flexothane® perfectly water and windproof. Thanks to our multi-layer coating process Flexothane will keep you drier, longer. We stick to a triple layer transfer coating process whereas others apply their PU in one coat which is cheaper but results in many more imperfections.

  • Flexothane® is Strong, supple and light. Flexothane® is resistant to rough handling and foul weather. Moreover, Flexothane® is supple and 150% stretchable, which ensures your freedom of movement remains totally unrestricted. Garments manufactured from Flexothane® are long lasting.

  • Flexothane® is Noiseless :The fabric is especially engineered to have a soft touch, so it does not make that nerve wrecking noise of friction. Though often not heard during a quick fit, this noise can be extremely annoying when you’re at work.

  • Machine washable: Flexothane® is highly resistant to several types of oil derivates, fuel, diesel, grease,... and the smooth outside PU coated surface can be very easily wiped clean. Our different Flexothane® fabrics are machine washable. With Flexothane® you don’t have to worry about getting dirty.

Please read our brochure on “flexothane®” for more details

It is a fabric

You’re probably not surprised to hear that Flexothane® is actually the brand name of a fabric that has become common all over Europe to indicate the Sioen garments made from the Flexothane® fabric by Sioen.

The Flexothane® fabric is produced in our Belgian factory in Mouscron near the French border.

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