Within the multilayering garment concept of Sioen, Sio-Fit groups all products that belong to the first layer of garments. Also known as bodywear.

The 2 most important key features of Sio-Fit bodywear is:

  • to absorb perspiration and transport it away from your skin: you will stay fresh & dry
  • to keep your body temperature comfortable in any working condition, no matter what type of work you do: you will stay warm & dry

The different yarns and fibres used in these products are specifically designed for this job. Some of them even have anti-microbial properties. This layer creates a micro-climate close to the skin keeping you comfortable in different work conditions.

As this layer is in direct contact with your skin, it has to be kind and gentle. Not causing any unpleasant irritation. Because of its modern style, cut and fit this Sio-Fit bodywear can easily and comfortably worn underneath other clothing.

Sio-Fit bodywear is also available as high visibility t-shirts or polo shirts and can be combined with flame retardant, anti-static or ARC protective properties. By choosing a multi-norm base layer you’re extra protected in case the hazard penetrates the outer layers.

Thermoregulation and moisture management

Whilst undergoing heavy activity a body generates additional metabolic heat. Perspiration is produced as part of the natural mechanism for the dispersion of that heat.

Clothing absorbs this perspiration and can act as a barrier to heat and moisture loss. If overheating is to be avoided, thermoregulation and moisture management are key functions of clothing designed for use in working environments. When activity decreases, body heat will be taken away from the body surface and the moisture evaporates from the wet clothing. The body gets cold. Through effective thermoregulation and moisture management a clothing system can maximise heat loss when the wearer is doing heavy activity and then increase thermal insulation when perspiration stops.

Fresh & dry


  • Excellent wicking properties: absorbs sweat from the skin quickly and transports it to the outer of the textile to evaporate. So perspiration is not accumulated and the skin stays dry.
  • Breathable.
  • Integrates comfort of cotton and quick drying performance of Polyester.
  • Hygienic & no odour: maintains freshness by eliminating odour causing germs.
  • Flat stitchings.
  • Easy wash and care

Warm & dry


  • Very good thermal insulating properties: the special cross-section of VILOFT® hi-tech fibres permits the formation of considerably more air pockets in the yarn which insulate against cold.
  • Very soft, airy, light feeling guaranteeing outstanding wearer comfort.
  • Good wicking: moisture is transported away from the skin and released to the outside through the fabric, leaving the wearer’s skin feeling dry and comfortable.
  • VILOFT® fibres are 100% natural and bio degradable: made from eucalyptus wood pulp from managed plantations.